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As this was my first

As this was my first course, I had no prior knowledge of trading. I was able to gain a lot of knowledge through this course. I greatly appreciate the patience of every lecture. I wish all the lecturers who shared their knowledge with us all the best for their future. Thank you so much…

Shanimi Sasanthika Wijethunga

This is a amazing course.

This is a amazing course. Learned lot new concept. I like the way they are teaching. Really simple snd straight forward.

Dhanushka Hettiarachchi

No 01 trading course

No 01 trading course

Meegahapala arachchige samitha prasanna meegahapala

Course එක ගැන නම් කියන්න

Course එක ගැන නම් කියන්න දෙයක් නෑ..ඒ තරම් හැම දෙයක් ගැනම තේරන විදියට කියලා දුන්නා.course එක අතිසාර්ථකයි.💯💯💯
තව තවත් මීට වඩා සාර්ථකත්වයකට යන්න සුබ පතනවා inner racers family එකට ❤️🌹

Hashan Kavinda Sudusinghe

This is the only place

This is the only place where I found the perfect trading course. I gained the most valuable knowledge about trading from this course. Lectures are fully supportive and humble. Thanks for everything…..

U H Keshika Rasinidul Jayathilaka

I am fortunate to find this class

I am fortunate to have found this class… an amazing experience …attended it on the 08th of January 2024 and learned a lot which I already started implementing. Very supportive team. They don’t only teach us what to do but also what you should not do which is the most important thing. I suggest everyone learn this class as I believe that if the first step is in the right direction you will follow the right path. Special thanks to Mr. Allen and the team. Thanks to everyone and looking forward to your support in the future too.

Gnei Marzeena Packeerally

I’m Sanuj from USA

I’m Sanuj from USA and I wanted to express my gratitude and satisfaction with the trading course I recently completed.

The course exceeded my expectations in various aspects. The content was not only well-structured but also delivered in a manner that made complex concepts accessible to all participants, regardless of their prior experience in trading. The instructor’s expertise and real-world examples provided invaluable insights, enhancing my understanding of the subject matter.

What stood out to me was the practical approach taken throughout the course. The incorporation of hands-on exercises and case studies allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in a simulated trading environment. This approach significantly contributed to the development of my practical trading skills.

Additionally, the course’s emphasis on risk management and the psychological aspects of trading was particularly beneficial.

The interactive nature of the sessions, coupled with the opportunity to engage with fellow participants, created a dynamic learning environment. The discussions and shared experiences further enriched the overall learning experience.

In conclusion, I am genuinely pleased with the quality of the trading course. It has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intricacies of the financial markets confidently. I look forward to applying these skills in my future trading endeavors. Probably this is the best trading course in Sri Lanka.

Thank you once again for providing such a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

A.D.S. sanuja rathsara
Texas, United States

A quality place to acquire

A quality place to acquire more knowledge about Trading. Good teaching methods and good guidance. I am glad I chose the right place. Highly recommended.


The course I followed was truly amazing.

The course I followed was truly amazing. It gave us value for money and truly good knowledge. The lecture panel gave me a great opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills. Lecturing styles, live examples, live analysis, and a friendly working environment gave us the path to enter the trading field with more confidence. Finally, I would like to say that Inner Racers is the best place to learn and make a change in your trading life. Thank you, Team Inner Racers.

Supun Sandaruwan

I didn’t follow any course.

I didn’t follow any course. But I learned so much. It was an excellent course. and all the lectures excellent..I have to specal thanaks Mr.maduranga.because I am at sea at that time.
All of the ebirth lectures and others to thank you so much and God bless.
Sri Lanaka No 1 course

H.H Janaka prasanna pradeep kumara

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