Advanced Trading Membership – Online

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Dive into the world of advanced trading with our online mentorship program. Uncover exclusive strategies and insights, from mastering TradingView tips to exploring proprietary indicators like IRPS & IRCTS. This mentorship goes beyond basics, delving into advanced retail analysis, specialized trading strategies, and effective risk management. Elevate your trading game and gain a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics. Enroll now for an enriching journey into advanced trading expertise.

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14 Days | Monday – Wednesday – Friday | 7:30 Pm Onward

Welcome to our Advanced Trading Membership – Online, a comprehensive program designed to propel your trading expertise to new heights. This course offers a deep dive into various facets of trading, ensuring a holistic understanding of the financial markets.

Course Highlights:

1. Special TradingView Tips & Tricks

Learn exclusive strategies to maximize your efficiency on the TradingView platform. Discover lesser-known features and shortcuts that can significantly enhance your trading experience.

2. $100 Trading Plan

Develop a structured trading plan tailored to a $100 budget. Explore effective budget management strategies to optimize your trading capital.

3. Advanced Retail Analysis

Gain insights into advanced retail analysis techniques, providing you with a nuanced understanding of market trends and dynamics. Learn how retail movements impact the market.

4. SNR-Based Trend Line & Chart Pattern

Master the identification and utilization of Support and Resistance-based trend lines and chart patterns. Enhance your ability to identify potential entry and exit points.

5. Quasi Moto (QM) Trading Scalping Strategies

Explore Quasi Moto (QM) trading scalping strategies designed for short-term gains. Understand the nuances of scalping in different market conditions.

6. Fibonacci & Advanced Fib Strategies

Unlock the power of Fibonacci retracement and advanced Fibonacci strategies. Learn to apply these techniques to enhance your analysis and decision-making.

7. Indicators – RSI, Moving Average, MACD, Bollinger Bands

Deep dive into the usage of key indicators such as RSI, Moving Average, MACD, and Bollinger Bands. Understand how these indicators contribute to comprehensive market analysis.

8. Our Special Indicators – IRPS & IRCTS

Explore our proprietary indicators – Inner Racers Premium Strategy (IRPS) and Inner Racers Complete Trading Solution (IRCTS). Understand their unique features and how to integrate them into your trading strategies.

9. Supply & Demand Special Trading Strategies

Delve into trading strategies based on the principles of supply and demand. Learn how to identify key zones and make informed trading decisions.

10. Volume-Based Trading Strategies

Understand how to incorporate volume analysis into your trading strategies. Gain insights into interpreting volume patterns for better decision-making.

11. SMC-LIQ-Based Trading Strategies

Discover trading strategies based on SMC-Liquidation concepts. Explore techniques that leverage market liquidity for strategic trading.

12. Fundamental News & Charts

Combine fundamental news analysis with chart reading for informed decision-making. Learn to integrate fundamental factors into your technical analysis.

13. Simple Trading Management & Trading Plans

Develop straightforward trading management techniques and effective trading plans. Ensure disciplined execution of your trading strategies.

14. Advanced Trading Management & Special Leverage Concept

Elevate your trading management skills with advanced techniques. Explore special leverage concepts to optimize your risk-reward ratio.

15. The Best Trading Psychology Tips & Tricks

Master the psychological aspects of trading with proven tips and tricks. Learn how to manage emotions and maintain a disciplined mindset.

16. Where Concept – A-Z Trading Analysis

Explore the A-Z of trading analysis with the comprehensive “Where Concept.” Develop a holistic understanding of market dynamics, enabling you to make informed and strategic decisions.

Enroll now to gain exclusive insights, refine your trading strategies, and embark on a transformative journey toward trading success. Let’s chart your path to profitability together!