Elliott Wave Special Membership – NUGEGODA


Uncover the mysteries of Elliott Waves in our mastery course. From understanding the basics to applying advanced wave patterns, you’ll gain practical skills to confidently navigate market movements. Elevate your trading knowledge and conquer the complexities of corrections with ease. Join us on this journey of mastery!

  • EWC Life Time Club Access
  • Daily Practicals & Live Trading

6 Saturdays | 10 AM to 4 PM


Unlock the secrets of Elliott Waves in a journey from basics to advanced patterns. Master wave counting, apply it practically, and navigate market complexities. Elevate your trading with confidence!

INTRODUCTION TO THE WORLD OF ELLIOTT WAVES Embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of Elliott Waves. Explore its rich history, understand the laws of nature governing this mystical wave theory, and discover the secrets it holds.

THE BASICS OF WAVE MASTERY Grasp the fundamentals of riding the wave. Explore the essence of waves, understanding their degrees and dynamics for a solid foundation in Elliott Wave theory.

UNLEASHING THE POWER OF WAVE COUNTING Become a pro at counting waves with confidence. Unlock the potential of waves using the magic of Fibonacci, making wave counting a valuable skill in your toolkit.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION – PART I: DIVE INTO REAL WAVES Apply your newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios, gaining practical experience in identifying and understanding waves.

DISCOVERING ADVANCED WAVE PATTERNS Delve into impactful wave patterns, exploring impulses with extensions and decoding the enigmatic diagonal triangle for a deeper understanding of advanced wave structures.

UNDERSTANDING CORRECTION WAVES Uncover the magic of truncated waves and unravel the zig-zag dance of correction waves. Gain insights into the intricacies of correction patterns.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION – PART II: APPLY YOUR KNOWLEDGE Further apply your learnings to practical scenarios, solidifying your ability to identify and analyze waves confidently.

NAVIGATING THE COMPLEXITY OF CORRECTIONS Demystify the fascinating world of corrections, distinguishing between flat corrections and sideways market corrections.

EXPLORING THE ENIGMA OF TRIANGLE PATTERNS Master the art of navigating triangle patterns, understanding their complexities, and impact on market movements.

THE ART OF WAVE COUNTING MASTERY Unmask complex corrections and culminate your learning journey with a comprehensive understanding of counting waves with confidence.